CDC of Ohio, Inc.
Community Development Consultants


CDC of Ohio, Inc. began its professional planning service in Columbus, Ohio in 1967.  Since its origin, the firm has assisted more than one hundred cities, villages, townships and county governments throughout the State of Ohio.  We are a small firm that consistently strives to become closely involved with our clients in meeting the needs of their constituents and to provide information and services which are realistic and useful.

The firm is a close association of professional city and regional planners having differing backgrounds in geography, urban planning, urban history, and related fields.  A support staff of housing inspectors, case processors and assistants is maintained.  In addition, the firm retains the services of other professionals in those fields related to city planning when applicable, e.g. engineers, architects, landscape architects, urban designers, attorneys, real estate appraisers, graphic artists, draftspersons, and other professionals.  Operating in this manner allows the firm to remain flexible and efficient as well as competent in the various related services.

CDC of Ohio provides a wide range of community development services with emphasis on action-oriented programs and implementation.  The firm's primary areas of expertise include general community development, planning, zoning, federal grant procurement and administration, low-income housing, and economic development.  Since 1976, the firm has successfully obtained over $125 million in federal grants for our clients for various housing, economic development, and community development projects.  Past work experience of the firm has included a wide variety of community and area-wide planning and management activities such as comprehensive master plans, economic development studies, housing plans, federal grant applications, zoning ordinances and reviews, subdivision regulations, capital improvements programming, management assistance, development of elderly and handicapped housing, and Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) and Community Housing Improvement Program (CHIP) grant administration and implementation.

The firm takes great pride in providing professional services on a continuing basis.  The firm's partners, Amy W. Schocken and John C. Cleek, have over 50 years of combined experience with CDC of Ohio.  A majority of the firm's clientele are repeat clients, some of whom date back to the early 1970's.  We believe that this is the best evidence of the quality of our work and dedication to our clients.