About Us

CDC of Ohio, Inc. is a small community development consulting firm that specializes in assisting communities with the administration and implementation of the State of Ohio Small Cities Community Development Block Grant Programs (CDBG), Community Housing Impact and Preservation Programs (CHIP) and other various programs.

CDC of Ohio's involvement in the CDBG, CHIP and other State and Federal Programs dates back to the inception of the program in 1976 when block grants replaced other categorical grant programs.  The grant programs have provided funds for our clients to develop and/or redevelop in the areas of infrastructure improvements, housing and economic development.  The program funds are to primarily benefit low-to moderate-income persons.  Funds from the program are provided on both a biennial "allocation" basis and on a "competitive" basis.  The firm's keen interest in the program has helped our clients in obtaining these funds in basically all of the categories offered and in experiencing them in an efficient and expeditious manner.